The half-hearted onset of winter over the last two years and the stormy summer made our “work” as mountain and ski guides quite challenging. However, it has been a very enriching experience.
The ability to adapt is just as much a part of mountaineering as mastering the various techniques.

Despite the difficulties and in a type of “snow-transhumance”, we managed to create a fantastic ski-touring winter which was made possible through your flexibility. Above all, circumstances have shown us that the winter-start needs to be based at a slightly higher altitude (see Ski-touring at New Year No.03) and for the climbing week, an equivalent “Plan B” should always be agreed upon as an alternative. This requires a great deal of experience in and around the mountains coupled with logistical knowledge.

Taking the above points into consideration, we have again created a varied annual programme that will enable us to make full use of all the available possibilities and, together with you, experience an unforgettable, fulfilling mountain year.

On behalf of the team
Hanspeter Eisendle