This touring week is a well tried and tested attempt to turn the tide in our favour! Normally touring weeks are arranged for specific areas where a determined effort is made to fulfil the objectives of the course in accordance with the prevailing snow and weather conditions – either there is too much snow or not enough, or the weather is at its worst. With this week, in contrast, only the date is fixed. A decision as to which alpine area is going to be the most suitable for our requirements within the pre-arranged dates, will be made a few days before the start of the course, after checking weather reports and snow conditions.
The demands, nevertheless, are moderate to intermediate and the accommodation is, as always, exceptional.

Dates: On request (5 days of touring)
Participants: Min.4
Pre-requisites: Parallel turn & (altitude 1000-1400 m)
Price: Guiding – € 500
Additional Costs: Travel and half-board