It is especially challenging in periods which are considered absolute high season in touristic terms, to find quiet areas and valley dwellers, which, despite their unobtrusiveness, have at their disposal exceptional gastronomy and superb high-level winter ski tours. This time the choice fell on the Valle Maira, situated at 3842 m south of Monviso, where many ski-touring mountains, whose names are difficult to remember, are to be found. L’occitan, the original Occitanic language of the valley people, one of the oldest Romance languages, and the effort which has been made to promote tourism in the region, result in a noticeable area of contrast between cultural and mountain experiences.
The playing of ancient instruments by an Occitanic music band stands in glaring contrast to the general noisy fireworks, and the mainly trackless tours to be found at this time, ensure an unforgettable nature experience.

Dates: Mon. 27.12. – Sun. 02.01. (5-6 touring days)
Participants: 5-8
Pre-requisites: Parallel turn & (altitude 1000-1400m)
Services/Price: Travel, transfers and guiding – € 820
Additional expenses: Half-board x 6 – approx. € 480