Without too much of a logistical headache it is possible to traverse the splendid Sarntal Alps from south to north – without a heavy rucksack and without cramped overnight stays in a mountain hut! Every morning a small shuttle bus takes us from our comfortable accommodation in Durnholz to our starting point, collects us late in the afternoon from the other side of the mountain, and brings us back to Durnholz. The technically perfect downhill line through this impressive mountain range is a sort of “trade secret”. However, it travels over the Kassianspitze (2581m), Jakobspitze (2749m), Hohe Scheibe (2563m), Ochsner (2391m), Penser Weißhorn (2705m) and Röthenspitz (2441m). Most of the descent routes take place in peak winter powder-snow conditions (north-northwest facing)!

Dates: Sun. 16.01– Fri. 21.01 (5 touring days)
Participants: Min.4
Pre-requisites: Parallel turn & (altitude 900 –1300 m)
Services/Price: Travel/transfers & guiding – € 580
Additional expenses: 5 x half-board – approx. € 350