Five subsidiary valleys extend out from Sterzing in all directions, and the aim of this exclusive ski-touring week is to connect these five valleys by a circular ski traverse. The powder slopes on the north side will be mainly used for the descents, and the sunny firn slopes for the ascents. As the whole mountain region is counted as being part of our local mountains, we can adapt the precise routes to the best and safest conditions prevailing at the time. We will be picked up from the hotel by shuttle bus, taken the short journey to the departure point, and then brought back at the end of the day. In this way, the traverse with a light day rucksack will be possible.

Dates: Sun. 13.02 – Fri. 18.02 (5 touring days)
Participants: min.4
Pre-requisites: Parallel turn & (altitude 1000-1400 m)
Services/Price: Pick-up – train station, Tour taxi, & guiding – € 600
Additional expenses: Half board – approx. € 350