South of the Monviso lies the now scarcely populated (due to migration) Piemont valley ‘Valle Maira’ which is dominated for a few weeks during the winter months by many ski-touring groups. Evidence of a very advanced medieval civilisation combined with unique mountain scenery creates a fascinating atmosphere for the visitor. L’occitan, the Occitanic language of the remaining valley inhabitants – one of the oldest Romance languages – and the effort which has been made to promote tourism in the area, make a pleasant diversion on the trek to the numerous ski-touring mountains with their extraordinary names – approximately 60 of which we have previously ascended in good snow conditions. And our special accommodation is, of course, an experience in itself!

Dates: Sun. 03.03 – Fri.10.03 (5 touring days)
Participants: min.4
Pre-requisites: Parallel turn (altitude 800 – 1400m)
Services/Price: Travel, transfers & guiding € 720
Additional expenses: Personal and 5 x half-board – approx. €370