The highest mountains of the South Tyrol are to be found in the Ortler group, which in this ski-touring week act, not only as our scenery, but also as an area where we can freely move around in equal measure. A fascinating glacial world is traversed from Sulden in a kind of round tour. Overnight accommodation will be solely in refuge huts and summits like Cevedale, Palon de la Mare, Punta San Matteo, Pizzo Tresero, and by good weather conditions, the Königsspitze, all lie along our route.

Dates: Sun. 21.03 – 26.03 (5 touring days)
Participants: min.4
Pre-requisites: Parallel turn & (altitude 1500m)
Additional equipment: Crampons & climbing belt
Services/Price: Travel, transfers & guiding € 750
Additional expenses: 5 x Half board – approx. € 400