The Val d’Aran lies in the heart of the Spanish Pyrenees and offers wonderful ski-tours and culinary delights. Our accommodation is based in the small town of Salardu from where we will steer towards our goals for the week. The skiing area of Baqueira-Beret belongs to one of the most popular in Spain and has become a “secret haven” for the Freerider. The surrounding summits, on the other hand, shall be our own “secret haven” to explore. The Spanish ‘Picos’ become ‘Tucs’ in the Catalanish Val d’Aran, which is why our touring goals become Tuc de Maubérme (2882m), Tuc de Barlonguéra (2802m) and Tuc des Estanhets (2877m). An evening car journey to the nearby Benasque with an overnight stay should make it possible for us to ascend the highest mountain of the Pyrenees – the Pico de Aneto (3404m). Depending on the number of participants, we aim to have two mountain guides accompanying the course – on the one hand, to keep the group numbers small and, on the other, to meet the different skill levels within the groups.

Dates: By arrangement between February – April
Participants: Min. 5 per group
Pre-requisites: Parallel turn & (altitude 1000-1300 m)
Services: (without flight to Toulouse), transfers, 6 x Half-board and guiding
Price: € 1,900