The departure time on Thursday, and the journey together from the South Tyrol to the airport (Verona or Munich), will be announced/discussed at the time of the booking. The decision, however, to extend our Etna tour by one day has proved to be worthwhile.
A short transfer brings us from Catania to our accommodation in Nicolos, and from there our first firn-snow tour up Mount Etna from the south is possible. In contrast, the ideal Saturday tour leads us over the southwest flank, which mostly consists of the best firn-snow, and then up to the summit. Deep powder snow, on the other hand, may well be encountered on the Sunday ski tour over on the north side.
This course is ideal for all those who would like to immerse themselves, for just one long weekend, in another realm, and return to every-day life feeling fully “ tanked-up” after accomplishing 3 exhilarating ski-tours, amidst stunning scenery on the biggest volcano in Europe. Please book early!!!

Dates: Thurs. 23.01 – Sun. 26.01 (4 days of touring)
Participants: Min.4
Pre-requisites: Parallel turn (altitude 1000-1500 m)
Services: Travel- Verona or Munich, Flight & Ski sack, hire car, 3 x bed & breakfast & guiding
Price: € 900 (without flight € 600)