The realisation that Greece is more than just white sands, a turquoise sea and a labyrinth of islands became apparent to our guests of the past few years when they took part in this exceptional ski-touring venture. The first of our Greek ski-tours is a journey from “the seat of the gods” Olympus into the mysterious and, in winter, invariably deep snow-covered Olymp-Skolio summit (2905m),
A short flight brings us to the highest elevation on the Island of Crete (Psiloritis – Mt. Ida (2456m), Kastro (2237m), Psilafi (1999m) und Melidaou (2167m) – the White Mountains).

Dates: Sun. 02.02– Sun. 09.02. (6 touring days)
Participants: min. 4
Pre-requisites: Easy tours (altitude 1000-max.1300m)
Services/Price: Flight: Munich/Athen/Munich, transfers,7xB&B, guiding and organisation – €1.490