Who would have thought it? As alpine folk we had already begun to adjust to the growing intensity of natural phenomena. First, the frequent landslides and flooding, then the huge areas of forest and woodland flattened by strong winds, followed by an extremely early winter of heavy snow resulting in thousands of fallen trees, some of which laid strewn across our ascent and descent routes – and more besides.
Despite all this, however, if you had the necessary know-how, it was still possible to enjoy fantastic mountain experiences. And now this! In the middle of the best ski-touring season for decades, we were faced with the “lockdown” as a result of Covid-19. A microscopically small inhabitant of this Earth brought us, the creature at the top of the food chain, to its knees. Instead of enjoying exhilarating deep powder and firn snow descents, we found ourselves in physical distancing mode, treading the fine line between Corona and the various custodians of the law.
It is precisely in this situation that putting together a varied annual programme for the 2020/21 season provides a much-needed glimpse into the future, while at the same time increasing the value of the experiences and freedom the mountains have to offer more than ever before. This touring programme has been put together with the full faith and optimism that in the not too distant future, in the coming year and beyond, we will once again be able to roam through the mountains together, letting them enrich our lives.
In a further expression of our conviction and continued development, we are delighted to welcome two mountain guide friends of ours to the team – Josef and Roland, who fit right in with our style of classical, traditional mountain guiding.

On behalf of the team
Hanspeter Eisendle