External circumstances can make life easy or difficult, but how it is organised is left entirely to our own resources. We were made painfully aware of this fact last year because, due to the situation at the time, we could only share the phenomenal winter in the South Tyrol with a small number of you. However, because we had more time on our hands than usual, we were able to use this to experiment, discover new routes, or personally climb new summits. Naturally, this creativity will be of great benefit to the current year’s programme, especially concerning the tours and touring weeks in the adjacent surroundings, i.e., in the South Tyrol. Regarding content, this can be completely rearranged, even if certain tours have already been on offer.
More time than usual also remained to make planning contact with partners from distant regions and for exploration-tours in unknown mountain ranges in Europe (see Montenegro no.11 and Albania No.13). Our main aim for the mountaineering year 2022 is to embark on putting these new ideas and offers into practice together with you.

New also for 2022 is that the summer-basis-training for beginners and families will now be undertaken by our team member, Ulrich Schwingshackl, (detailed information on request!) The rest of the team are devoted more than ever to guiding/accompanying you through wild, and preferably solitary mountain terrain, flanks, faces and walls.

On behalf of the team
Hanspeter Eisendle